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Automation Professionals provides electrical, software, and mechanical engineering services for plant automation projects. We have extensive experience in robotics, machine vision, motion control, plant floor data collection and databases, PLC's and HMI's. Email us your automation project request.

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Inductive Automation Integrator

Automation Professionals is a Premier Integrator for Inductive Automation. Inductive Automations' Ignition SCADA platform is built around modern standard OPC communication technology and SQL databases. Native support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL are provided, and any compliant JDBC product may be added. It is 100% Java so it will run on any operating system. It is web based so remote access is easy without requiring manual client installation.

For challenging problems where standard tools are insufficiently powerful, Automation Professionals is prepared to extend the Ignition platform with Java add-in modules, and to create custom solutions in a variety of other development languages to meet your needs. Automation Professionals has deployed projects written in C, C#, PHP, Python, VB, VBA, & VB.net. Let Automation Professionals help you optimize your plant floor data collection, operating efficiency, and tracking and tracing business processes. Automation Professionals can implement custom protocols and solve other challenging plant floor connectivity problems.

Automation Professionals offers a number of Java Add-in Modules for Ignition that may help you deploy more efficient and/or more user-friendly applications. See the Module Sales page for details.

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