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Automation Professionals provides electrical, software, and mechanical engineering services for plant automation projects. We have extensive experience in robotics, machine vision, motion control, plant floor data collection and databases, PLC's and HMI's. Email us your automation project request.

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Inductive Automation Integrator Automation Professionals is an Integrator for Inductive Automation. Inductive Automations' Ignition product is the fastest growing and most cost effective HMI/SCADA software on the market. Connect your PLC's through a web accessible platform that offers control, monitoring, and data collection in one package.
Automation Professionals is also an add-on Module Developer for Inductive Automations' Ignition. See IA's Module Showcase and our Module Sales pages for more details. See our posts in IA's "3rd-Party Modules" Forum Category for early module development announcements.
PLCs and HMIs Automation Professionals has decades of integration experience with Allen-Bradly, Siemens, General Electric and Modicon PLC's. We also have experience with a large variety of traditional HMI products.
ABB Logo Automation Professionals is a ABB and Adept Technology Robotics Integrator. Integrating robots and robot systems takes experience. We have integrated dozens of robot arms in high speed pick and place and complex material handling applications.
Machine Vision Automation Professionals' partners have been developing machine vision applications with Cognex/DVT, Keyence, Adept and other machine vision hardware vendors for more than a decade. We have experience in machine guided vision, high speed inspection, sorting, assembly verification, gauging, surface defect inspections and more! Look at our machine vision page for a challenging multiple camera project.

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